Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vail Friend and Main Street Trek at Rick's

OK here I am at J&J's home in in Westlake Village at my BD months ago performing some R&R. Pretty mellow eh?

Oh yeah...

Then there's my old time buddy Allen who has been doing a heraldic job trying to get me writing, not more often, just writing more of anything. Just because he's prolific like Hemingway doesn't mean everyone is as well. But Allen's a book publisher and magazine writer right now I'm not more than a pisher so I need to keep moving like a shark just to catch up

So the love birds Fatboy and Elizabeth are smiling it up and thinking thoughts no one can yet understand. I don't think they understand it either. But its a good show.

For a non-drinker nor smoker Jimbo usually strums his air guitar to the beat of the hippie movement that most can't remember. Who are they and are they still alive. Last time we all saw a concert together we were surrounded by oxygen dragging hip creaking walker strolling geriatrics whose  wheel chair clicks made a strange melancholy metallic harmony.

So here we are at Rick's tonight imbibing, burger hungry gourmet and telling tall tales to each other as we catch up with our invaluable gossip that can't be spread quickly enough and run over by motor bikes having their way with idle gossip turned into molasses and helping it spread to slow down life as we know it.

Oh and this is a cool dog face I spotted and wanted to share. Look at those eyes. Jeez

Ciao everyone. I trust this was little more fun and light humored

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend is over

I like these doors. They are a find and hidden on a side street court you couldn't find without a treasure map I'm hiding in the hollow heel of my shoe.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday with all the foods I love to eat but without my family and friends. Don't mean to sound but the food doesn't mean much without the friends and family to tell me how I'm ruining my life.  Have you heard that one before? Who hasn't?

I also like these hidden doors: 

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving Farmers market and hidden walk

Hi folks,
Glad that Thanksgiving weather has arrived in sunny California. The cooler
weather makes the holiday more authentic. 
Well yesterday was a fun day at my life class at the E-Tribe, shopping at Santa Monica farmers market and one of my hidden neighborhood walks. There weren't as many people there as I had  anticipated but it was fun.
Bought some fresh foods and headed down to the more interesting part of the neighborhood which is in a hidden part of town. 
Unless you know its there one might never stumble upon it. So I brought my camera along for the ride and started taking some pictures before the sun set and the fog rolled in.I must admit it was a strange night but I couldn't put my finger on it.
Anyway my blogging is turning into blabbing since I'm in a funky mood, so please take a look at these photos I enjoyed taking.
Here are some hidden streets and beautiful small secret homes in....?

The first is that of a famous fig tree rooting in front of the Miramar hotel in Santa Monica. It is noteworthy in that is the second largest fig tree of its kind in the entire great state of California. "This 80-foot tall Moreton Bay Fig Tree (Ficus macrophylla) is the second largest of its kind in California, and possibly the United States. It was planted more than a century ago at Miramar, the private estate of Senator Percival Jones, and has a charming story to accompany it."

Here are some colorful Farmers Market goods....

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

T-day & E-tribe

Hello all,
The light is on...

Yesterday was E-Tribe day where a handful of us get together each week  to disclose and share our deepest darkest secrets from the past as we put it down with pen on paper. After we read a short excerpt kind comments are made which makes us think about how yesteryear formulated our present.

When our tribe first began I must admit I was unsure in which direction it was going and almost dropped out due to being unsure and experiencing some doubts. However as time went on we got to know each other a little more and more until we got to a point where we probably knew the important inner livers we all lead. Enough said.

T-day is only 53 hours away and I'm feeling melancholy already. T-day has as always been by favorite of all holidays with my favorite foods, aromas, tastes and sometimes people.

And the food shopping's always begins early. In fact, Whole Foods nearby has started a valet parking service which is pretty cool. Ahhhhh. T-day.

A little fogy and cooler outside paving the way to a true T-day as we share turkey, sweet potatos, cranberries, stuffing, oh I better stop I'm beginning to slobber.

Enjoy all.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


It was a dark and foggy night in Santa Monica when I reluctantly headed to Bergamot Station to attend a handful of gallery opening receptions which are usually interesting if not fun.

Although I do enjoy the cooler weather much more than the heat waving we've experienced with global warming paving the way, the new fog was hazing up my vision and thinking.

The first gallery opening I attended was at the Schoenberg gallery, one of my favorites. I like going up the spiral staircase to the small, quaint and intimate gallery with a balcony view and open doors to the roof of the other building when the weather is so hot cross ventilation is required. Two artists were showing their colorful works. Neat.

Went across the walkway parking lot to another gallery where photographs were displayed. Wasn't as cool as Schoenberg's so I left and unexpectedly bumped into Elle. We've known and bumped into each other at various events for years. She's very intuitive and has a way of lifting my spirits. We talked about different tribal events and the philosophy of higher learning of individual people and groups. Talked for a longer time than anticipated.

Stayed a while together and then parted waves as she directed me to an exhibit which was supporting human rights issues around the world.Stepped into the more elegant gallery setting and rubbed elbows with a higher society clientele than myself. I guess that means just about everybody else. Oh and there was a celebrity spotting. Ann Archer was a leading player in the charity cause and offered an inspiring speech. (Did I mention I spotted James Taylor the night before at Borders on Third Street signing his new CD. Cool man.)Nice variety of art, people and cocktails. Continued to rub elbows and surprisingly bumped into Judith a member of my new tribe. She's a poet and artist who seemed a bit distracted but wanted to get together a cup of coffee another time. Was she waiting for someone else as we chatted? Who knows. I'll see her next week.

Then there was Paul and Mike. Regulars who have interesting under the radar stories of their own I may share with you at a later time. Suddenly the night was more exiting and invigorating. I was given one more drink but decided against downing it as I'm a believer in not drinking and driving. So I passed it up and went to another gallery. By that time I was overwhlemed with art and left. Stopped to pick up some rotisserie chicken at California Chiken Cafe as I was chicken hungry and headed home.

Ate, read some blogs and tried to write a politiacal blog essay but was too worn out. Listened to Bill Maher on my ipod before my head met the pillow and slpt in on Sunday mroning for the first time a quite a while. Had a usual good Sunday on my bike, at NYB and Peets. Went a last minute reading at Dutton's on the subject of Virginia Woolfe. I knew she was smart, a feminist and great writer, but didn't knwo she committrd suicide. Downer.
Vacuumed, ate, drank and talked to dad. Just kicking back now as I finish this blog and getting ready for a little TV and late afternoon snacks. Will read some more blogs and head to dreamland.

Ciao my friends...

Saturday, November 17, 2007


I haven't yet discussed anything about local politics since its always a touch subject.

However there is a subjexct close to my political views that I have astrong need to share. We hear about the war, economy and unrest aronf the world. All important subjects. But ahat about what's going on at home. 

All over town yesterday


Yesterday was an odd ball day in that I had an early morning appointment at the witch doctors and headed home to write to which I was not very accommodating to myself. Not attributed to writers block as much as distracted block. Yes I'm easily distracted. So I web surfed too long for my own good, crashed and burned.

Eventually, got back to my writing but had to prepare my notes in long hand which I believe is both archaic and a time waster as I'm compelled to transfer my notes. Wrote down an outline with which I was barely satisfied but then got onto the net again surfing for a new place to live. I was all over he place figuratively, literally and geographically. Not even close to a solution. Help.

Waited until he last minute to leave my place so I was not properly dressed when I headed down to the promenade for for my iweb instructional meeting before I was to attend my Friday night Mtribe spiritual and social event.

Finished my iweb mac class where I finally learned something of value to help me set up my new web site. My plan is to complete the "good enough" web site this weekend. Later, I was off to the Mtribe for my weekly spiritual fix of prayer, meditation and a sprinkle of socializing. Was a bit cross with myself in that I wasn't dressed as nicely as I should have since there was a special event which attracted a good number of well dressed members. Oh well, I'll think more carefully next time.

Got up late this morning, Saturday and headed to my favorite spots. I would have through the slightly cooler weather would have kept people indoors but it was just cooler rather than cold so many hipsters were out and about. I enjoyed my usual tasty and java while reading the paper this morning which contained stale roux stories (yawn) and and went to the library to sort out my words in a stream of consciousness style which I both distrust and find a good exercise to help get me to Carnegie Hall. You know practice.....

Am looking forward to Duttons event in a little while and concert at the library; but not as much as the myriad of gallery opening tonight at Bergamont. should be fun. We'll see.

That's all for now

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Writing Day

Another hot and dry day in November in LA. So I'm at the cool library writing away in the comfortable a/c environment. Just updating lists and following through with e-mails before I get fully entrenched in my writing assignment which is my goal to complete today on my fiction web blog site which isn't ready for public viewing yet.

After a break for dinner I'll be heading to Duttons for an author reading and signing event tonight. Should be fun. We'll see. As I read this over a few times it seems today's blog is as dry as the weather. Oh well. At least I put some words down as a prelim to my fiction.

Enough nonsense and off to my daily writing assignment goal. 500 words. We'll see.

Ciao for now

p.s. while I'm thinking, preparing and planning to write a new piece my buddy already completed a new article in between his skiing lessons. Another lesson for me to learn: Just do it! Thank you Nike.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mulling around town during the Santa Anas

Hello out there....

Folks please be kind with me today as I had my head shrunk yesterday and am feeling awfully dizzy and quite pensive.

Yes, the hot dry Santa Ana's are still with us. Weird hot temps in the middle of November. Go figure. Too hot to stay home so I ventured out all day and early evening eating drinking, walking and busing. Decided to head to the Third Street Promenade to take a computer class when I stopped by Starbucks for a sandwich and noticed a long line of people awaiting a celebrity sighting and signing. I walked closer into the book store and sure enough there was a singer I so admired over the years just sitting and smiling a few feet from me. It was James Taylor autographing his new CD.

The line was long but James graciously spent a few moments with each signee sometimes having his picture taken with them as well. Cool.

Then headed to the Apple store for some iweb training but was too distracted by a lone chatterbox participant who dominated the conversation. I knew a bit more about iweb than I thought so I didn't feel guilty leaving a bit early.

Took the bus home since I didn't want to drive. Got home and had a bite to eat and began blogging as I promised I would do each day. Not too happy with this one but I'm seeking volume, practice and training for my short stories on my other secret blog.

As the old saying went when I worked at the house that Ruth built, 'even Mickey Mantle didn't bat a thousand." Get it? Never mind.

OK Enough. I'm losing it. Ciao for now

Someone send me a note to cheer me up.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pulled the Tribal Plug

Years ago when Allen and I worked together as desktop analysts dealing with important desktop support issues we worked with brainiacs some of whom spilled coke on their keyboards, embedded plant soil in the CRT monitors and the ubiquitous response of I can't start my computer when it wasn't plugged into a power sources. Ha. Truly fun times.

Although I far from being designated the top ranked geek in IT I did possess an uncanny customer service talent which offered me the endearing title or nickname of Smoothie.

Allen, thanks for the reminder of my old nickname. It brought back good old memories. I think if I told you the nickname at my last job you might blush or barf. Or both. Ha.

This is a cumbersome segue into the next thought stream but here goes:

Have been feeling alone, alienated and lonely after I was abandoned from the huge social network at the fortune 500 company where I worked for fourteen years I jettisoned from 100 mph to 0 mph in sixty seconds.

So I began an ardent campaign a to search for a new tribe (group) to be part of. I like the word tribe rather than group. I've been meditating, chanting, praying and visualizing in my search to be part of a new group. Although many of us think we're alone with these feelings there s a huge disenfranchised tribe of like minded loners who would like to to connect. Ironically,
most of us just sit home alone, use the TV as the baby sitter and chocolate or potato chips as additive means to comfort ourselves and unashamedly brood as did I for a while. While others pull themselves up with their bootstraps and begin a new journey while not being fearful of getting their boots dirty.

So, I put my tush in gear and began asking around and reading the local rags and web site for gatherings of all types. I then began attending as many unique and not so unique tribal meetings as I could muster. Although the mantras may be different the people, purpose and results are the same. There seems to be a desperate and common search for purpose, identity and belonging.

Anyway I tried and found my niche I think. Since life is not perfect I starting to make decisions in a more timely manner than ever before where prior to my rebirth I over researched as a way to distraction. Blah blah blah.

I joined a conservative spiritual group on Main street in Venice. I'll call it the M-Tribe for moment. (Sounds mysterious doe sent it). The people are warm, down to earth, friendly and seem to be quite decent with good morals, manners and lofty characteristics. Is it a sure thing? Who knows but I'll give it a try. I've already been asked to be the web master (B) and offered some social activity ideas. Suddenly I have a little more tasks on my plate to take my mind off foolish thoughts. Or as an old priest friend of mind once said, "stinking thinking"

Blogging has been my new salvation. I so enjoy writing each day and will complete my daily journal of today's events in a little while. I've been getting unexpectedly and interestingly cool kudos from readers from around the world - including a lovely widow from the countryside of England. Yes, I'm finishing a how to piece since blogging has helped me get the writing ball rolling and seemed to have freed me from my self imposed paralyzing attitude.

Thanks you as always for listing and feel free to comment.



Bronx Boy Journal: My Friend Allen the snowriter

Bronx Boy Journal: My Friend Allen the snowriter

My Friend Allen the snowriter

This is as good a time as any to introduce my dear friend Allen Smith who has a common name but certainly uncommon characteristics. Don't worry Allen I won't reveal everything. Ha.

Allen wrote me today asking how I'm doing knowing a bit more about me than most. But before we get into that boring discussion, let's take Allen on a tour of memory lane.

After serving in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii, Allen returned to the mainland where he spent some fun time as a preeminent hairdresser a la Shampoo. But a desire to enter the medical profession, Allen sought a cardio vascular post rehabilitation career shortly thereafter. As a lover of technology, Allen read as many Microsoft certification books as anyone I know and joined a fortune 500 company as a desktop analyst and was responsible for having me join him. I don't know if I should thank him or not. Hm.

Trained as an IT expert, Allen left a good corporate job in Los Angeles to pursue his love of snow skiing by heading to Vail CO. Who else would have the good fortune to work as a field IT specialist while skiing the slopes of Vail? Not too many I bet.

Today, he is an IT expert, trainer, magazine, book and web content writer and publisher.

And now that winter has set in Allen who was a former ski patrol member will be teaching skiing on the slopes of Vail while collecting stories for his second reality series book for which Hollywood will soon be frantically bidding . Take a look at his latest web article and you'll agree:,-From-Snowboard-Instructors-to-Lift-Operators&id=826075

You can also read his works on and search for his humours stories on

Let me end with saying that while its snowing in Vail, we in Los Angeles are experiencing the El Nino hot weather effect caused by the blustery hot and dry Santa Ana winds which just make me crazy.....I'll say no more on this topic for now.

Stay hot or cool wherever you are...

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Ideal House and Home

Greetings to my brothers and sisters from around the world,

For those who don't know me I've been searching for a new home endlessly and my close friends and relatives are tired of listening to my tales of woe, as am I.

I know these are trying times for many around the world but we all have dreams which keep our spirits high and allow us to go on to greet the next day. Here's a simple dream of mine that's not too personal and one which I don't mind sharing.

The characteristics of my ideal home would be a small unpretentious New England style farm house with a front and side porch, a fireplace or two with decent sized front and back yards for friends and family to play and roam.

My house be small enough to be easily managed and large enough to encourage my family, friends and little ones to be comfortable especially when I plan the first Thanksgiving of my new life.

Country French or Shaker style furniture and similarly simple and practical attributes abound mirroring the welcoming and friendly feel of the neighboring community. Of course how could such a beautiful home be complete without a friendly faced dog as a companion to watch over it, greet visitors and have free reign of the house and yards.

Let's not forget that hand made rocking chair on the porch on which books would be read, advice be given and chess and checkers taught to the next generations.

What a nice dream. I guess I can cancel my shrink appointment after revealing so much. Ha.

Bye for now and sweet dreams tonight to all,

On a roll

Greetings my friends,

OK I think I'm on a roll in my writing momentum. It simply seems that if one wants to write they should write. I've done a lot of that today with the understanding that writing in itself isn't as important as the volume, discipline and momentum of writing. I'd like to keep that roll going. Any encouragement is welcomed with open arms.

Since that's in place I will advance to step two: searching for a new place to live and write like a Gothic computer game taking it to the next level. I've overextended my welcome in my humble abode which served me well for many years. Just as I need to move on with my writing I need to move on with the next game level or stage in my life.

OK one down, seventeen to go. Not bad.

Just a wee bit more about places. I've conducted more than enough time and effort in researching a place to call my own for next years of my life. I've had a good run in Los Angeles but it's time to move on to a new spot more conducive for a writer seeking refuge and a quiet place of his own. The east coast is where my kids live so I was thinking about that. Don't know how they would feel though. I like New England (who doesn't) but as my son so wisely insures me of its cold and sometimes harsh winters to which I may not easily embrace. Good point David. That reality sends a cold shiver up and down my spine.

Thanks for listing to my rambling on today. As always it is much appreciated.

Ciao for now and best to all,

16 Things I don't like today

Not in any order of importance and not limited to other people:
  1. Leaf blowers
  2. Smoking
  3. Cell phoning while driving
  4. Traffic congestion
  5. Horn blowing when traffic is at a standstill
  6. Whining
  7. Over boarding on political correctness
  8. Receiving an answer to a question not asked
  9. Calling customer service and talking to HAL's sister for twenty minutes
  10. Indecision
  11. Fear
  12. Clinics
  13. Unsolicited advice
  14. Solicited advice
  15. Dog owners who don't clean up after....
  16. Dog lovers who think everyone loves their dog

21 Things I Like

In no particular order of importance:
  1. NY Bagel's breakfast: Toasted flat bagel with fresh eggs, tomato and cheese
  2. Hummus with paprika, olive oil and pita bread
  3. Cold fizzy mineral water
  4. Reading New York Times
  5. Reading the Wall Street Journal
  6. Reading blogs
  7. Writing blogs
  8. Writing short stories
  9. Sharing Bronx tales
  10. Pete's hot coffee
  11. Rick's Pub burgers
  12. Talking to David
  13. Speaking with Jen
  14. Listening to Dad's stories and antics
  15. Hot baths
  16. Cool nights
  17. Quiet moments
  18. Santa Monica's Farmers Market
  19. Paris
  20. Victoria on Vancouver island
  21. San Luis Obispo

Thoughts List

  • Stay
  • Move
  • Dad
  • David
  • Jen
  • Rita
  • Jake
  • Allen
  • Cousin
  • Write
  • Lonely
  • Hot
  • Movie
  • Maine
  • North Carolina
  • Pennsylvania
  • Tribes
  • Whole Foods
  • Trader Joes
  • Hummus
  • Cashews
  • Laundry
  • Rob
  • Jim
  • Money
  • Stuck
  • Trapped
  • Hungry
  • Bye
  • Alone

Should I Become a Tour Guide?

My friends have been pressing me hard to become a personal tour guide in the lovely and unique city of Santa Monica and Los Angeles area of Venice.

Why? As my writing career has not yet jettisoned to the six figure income I had envisioned, I am seeking both a distraction to balance my life and as an alternative help pay the bills.

Actually I love taking people around town to visit local haunts, off the beaten path walks, neat eateries and a myriad of the most hidden succulent architecture on the west side of the United Sates. Although I need to devote more time to writing I also enjoy tour guiding which may become an unintentional profitable distraction.

It all began with visiting friends and relatives who asked to be tooled around town showing them the on and off the beaten path in greater Los Angeles. As a ardent walker and bike rider I unwittingly became familiar with the unknown or little known underground Los Angeles. Realizing I honed my skills over two decades as I ventured outdoors breezing through uncharted local neighborhoods. So why not share my favorites experiences with others?

After visitors engaged in trekking the obvious tourist sites like Hollywood and Sunset boulevards, the original Farmers Market, Universal Studios, participate in TV show audiences and the ubiquitous Rodeo Drive they may desire a respite and see how the local LA lifestyle is more about neighborhoods than about the car culture which is dramatically changing due to the ever increasing population density and unattractive traffic congestion.

Neighborhoods, some of which have changed for the better or worse, are very much like marriage, they change but we'll never know the future of the direction it will take. We all have our favorites and with traffic issues inching gaining increasingly higher visibility and priority, more of us are building a community spirit by remaining and supporting the neighborhoods in which we live. There. Sometimes flowers unexpectedly emerge from unfertile soil.

As a resident of West Los Angeles I have the best of all worlds before me in that I'm fairly centrally located and can head to Beverly Hills as easily as Santa Monica. Not that one neighborhood is better than another but rather unique in its personalities. And we all have our favorites. Lately I've been settling in on the beach communities since I'm a bit more familiar with these streets and find an eclectic collection of unsurpassed architecture unique to California living. The key phrase being beach communities rather than the beach. We'll discuss that topic another day.

So, if I were a tour guide and we began at Santa Monica City Hall near Pico Blvd. and Main Street we could go in either direction of north or south. Let's begin with heading south for the time being. We'd take a few moments to admire the City Hall Artsy architecture and classic design and begin slowly walking down main street asking the small group to notice as many nuances as possible as the walk is quite an eclectic experience.

Walking down the original main street in Santa Monica long before indoor or outdoor malls were conceived we happen upon local unique shops, eateries, hotels, and small original shops where archetype dwellings flourish. We'll stop for coffee and a snack, continue to toward Venice where we'll view the original Venice plaza icon on Windward and the walk. Lot's of history there.

We'll make a diagonal turn to Abbott Kinney Blvd which entails too much history to depict in this writing. The group will usually be tired by then and we'll stop for lunch at a favorite cool spot the locals frequent. Afterwards we'll tool down to the well hidden Venice canals and saunter through the unusual alley courts of which even most locals are unaware.

Since by this time most will be tuckered out, we'll most likely take the BigBlueBus back to the central meeting point near the hotels where most of the lovely tourists will be staying to soak their feet and rest their heads.

And that's only the beginning. That morning tour is about 2 hours of being part of the unique people place and structures of Venice and Santa Monica. If energy still abounds a local home architectural walks might be available in the late afternoon or next day.

The northern tour is quite different and we'll offer details on that one later.

I trust this was a good introduction to a larger tourist topic. And of course the wonderful city of Santa Monica has a great web site for tourists and locals if you'd like to explore things to do on your own:

Thank you all,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Drizzly Sunday

Drizzly Sunday.

With all the sunshine and heat we've had for the last several months the cloudy skies were a welcome relief and calming feel of some cooler temperatures and light drizzle.

Picked up a rye bagel with butter and very hot cup of delicious coffee at Peet's on San Vicente on my way to Venice to meet a new friend where I pulled the plug to join a new group I now call the M-Tribe. Judy helped me make the transition with kindness and a warm welcome.

Was feeling a bit pensive but also a little better than usual so I walked up Main Street to my favorite Farmer's markets on Ocean Park. Tooled around, had some more coffee and bumped into smiling Ginger. Seeing her reminded me that I didn't send my kids and their kids birthday presents a couple of months ago.

Ginger being the extraordinary craftswoman sewer that she is will begin making some handmade blankets and aprons for the clan back east. We'll work out the details next week over a cup of coffee and apple turnover at Starbucks on main.

Didn't want to head back home right away so I read the local press calendar section and noticed a book review group meeting at the main branch of the library at two o'clock.

Headed up there and found a good parking spot, probably because of the rain. The library was fairly well stocked with people. I was surprised at the large turnout for the book group. What a wonderful leader and very sharp literary comments from the participants, most of whom were elderly women. They were smart, articulate and fearless in their comments of the book's author, characters and plot points. What an exciting 90 minutes. I didn't want to leave. Evidently neither did they as they continued socialized for some time afterwards.

Was Asian food hungry so I stopped by a Thai restaurant nearby which I haven't frequented in years. It was early in the afternoon so it wasn't crowded and they showed off a new baby introduced to the family. They were very proud. Got my food, went home and began reading and writing. Settling in to finishing this piece. Thanks for listening.

OK. Time to say adieu.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Concrete tower hot box

Good morning my brothers and sisters from around the world.

I didn't sleep very well last night so please allow me to ramble on for a few moments as I finish my bagel and coffee in a sweet spot on a cool morning while editing my hand written notes and today's to do list before I put myself into first gear on the computer.

Whimpered my way to the library which is nice, cool and unusually quiet for a Saturday morning, I read some rather trite e-mails. a few uninteresting blogs, bad news on the state of the economy and an uninspiring human interest story doesn't matter?

One story troubled me as I'm strong believer that life sometimes pitches us an unexpected curve ball was a story about Oprah. Although I don't know her, I like Oprah and am sad to see her name associated with an unfortunate incident at a school she so diligently supports. It seems her good intentions and acts of kinds and Charity are being overshadowed by life's imperfection of an unpredictable incident at her personally supported school.

What can I say? I trust the issue will soon be resolved so Oprah can move on with her good intentions and acts of charity and kindness. All this will be old news soon and I support her altruistic efforts. Thank you.

Anyway, I need to continue to whine a bit more about my sad, lonely and boring story. I've been longing to leave my teeny hot box apartment in the concrete tower on the west side of town for so long now it has left me immobilized. I'm sure my few friends, relatives and neighbors are tired of hearing me whine about it. Actually I'm a bit tired myself talking and thinking about moving. Yes, its time to metaphorically move on with my life which would be a positive move both physically and emotionally.

Although there are many reasons to move on with my life, I don't know if it's climate, body, or building engineering changes, but no matter how cool the outside temperature is, the inside of my botanical greenhouse effect flat is like living in an intentionally designed solar heating unit. Maybe if I just gather some branches to tap myself on the shoulder from time to time I can emulate enjoying a dry sauna. Ha. Actually, its not so funny.

Moving on with one's life is a major sticking, picking and thinking point for most of us. We'll tell ourselves we need to cleanup up our act and space, get rid of old baggage that's just weighing us down and take the next step toward the uncertain future since nothing in life is a sure thing.

If we're looking for security, forget it. Security is a mythical concept, not an item one can hold in their hands to touch, smell, feel or taste. So what does moving on with one's life really mean? I believe it means courage.

I'm envious of those who feel comfortable in their lives where they are today. They don't need to move on as voraciously as others who are lost. However, there are many of us are motivated by fear and we, or rather I, need to take the rough road of courage to move on.

Is it easy taking the new road less traveled? Nothing worthwhile in life is easy. So, if we don't try we feel artificially safe. If we do it's a risk we're afraid to take. However, if we just do it, we're not just moving on but rather moving forward in a positive way.

Yikes, its Saturday morning and I'm preaching to myself under the guise of helping others. What a laugh. Life is funny. No doubt. Who am I to preach to others.

As a lover of cliches, the tag line I think of most often as a my mantra is Nike's "just Do it". Many times I put off completing one task until a previous task is completed first. Which usually never curers. This week was the start of my just doing it with vim and vigor. I started and completed tasks without the need or pretext of another task which needed to be done first.

As I read this I feel well done. Baked in my early morning, sleep deprived class of one. So, its time to move on and I will.

The sun is shining and I'm heading down the road to an author book reading and signing event at Duttons. Its a place many word and book lovers attend to support the bookstore ownership, architecture and authors. AS I write these words my spirits are lifted. Yes. Wow.

Then later after my afternoon nap, I'll be taking pictures and viewing artwork at a local art gallery I enjoy visiting on Saturday nights. They're usually fun and interesting at least. I get to meet some people, listen to their sad stories as I fib about my life as well. Its good clean family fun for all.

That's all for now. Thanks for being good listeners.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tea Kettle and looking west

Hello folks.

I just finished reading a wonderful web blog site which unexpectedly inspired me to write in this journal today. And to keep on writing as vigorously as I can since I so much enjoy putting my thoughts onto the modern day page aptly named the Internet.

After being cooped up in my tiny apartment I needed to stretch my legs and change my scenery. After looking at my kettle on the stove sitting by itself looking so lonely I thought this could be me as well. So I ventured out to my favorite breakfast place New York Bagel for a delicious hearty bagel with butter; and then moved on to Peets coffee where the sweet exotic aromas and comfortable chair were waiting for me with open arms.

Next door is the the local library. It's clean, comfortable and lovely with several computers connected to the Internet making it easy to get on line after my short walk. There is a wide variety of public library community goers here from book loving seniors, young mothers with their small children, lunch time workers venturing to conduct some personal e-mail business, some street people and the unemployed.

This wide variety of eclectic sorts take full advantage of the superb library services. Here is a public venue that truly serves all. Kudos to the city of LA and the gracious staff of librarians who are asked and will answer any question they can. I am especially grateful as I use the city services often. Thank you.

Since I have a new Mac book, I will be heading to the Apple store at the Santa Monica Promenade store this afternoon for one of their open classes which I much enjoy attending. Not just the enthusiastic teachers but the upbeat environment which is like attending a party with computers instead of martinis and party favors. Oh well.

Then off to my Friday night spiritual tribe where a small group of us meet each week. I look forward to attending as I see and listen to the friendly familiar faces and voices. At the end of the week its a wonderfully recharging and centering event.

Ah its a rough life.

Keep your spirits up.

Ciao for now.