Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My Friend Allen the snowriter

This is as good a time as any to introduce my dear friend Allen Smith who has a common name but certainly uncommon characteristics. Don't worry Allen I won't reveal everything. Ha.

Allen wrote me today asking how I'm doing knowing a bit more about me than most. But before we get into that boring discussion, let's take Allen on a tour of memory lane.

After serving in the Navy, stationed in Hawaii, Allen returned to the mainland where he spent some fun time as a preeminent hairdresser a la Shampoo. But a desire to enter the medical profession, Allen sought a cardio vascular post rehabilitation career shortly thereafter. As a lover of technology, Allen read as many Microsoft certification books as anyone I know and joined a fortune 500 company as a desktop analyst and was responsible for having me join him. I don't know if I should thank him or not. Hm.

Trained as an IT expert, Allen left a good corporate job in Los Angeles to pursue his love of snow skiing by heading to Vail CO. Who else would have the good fortune to work as a field IT specialist while skiing the slopes of Vail? Not too many I bet.

Today, he is an IT expert, trainer, magazine, book and web content writer and publisher.

And now that winter has set in Allen who was a former ski patrol member will be teaching skiing on the slopes of Vail while collecting stories for his second reality series book for which Hollywood will soon be frantically bidding . Take a look at his latest web article and you'll agree:


You can also read his works on snowwriter.com and search for his humours stories on Associatedcontent.com

Let me end with saying that while its snowing in Vail, we in Los Angeles are experiencing the El Nino hot weather effect caused by the blustery hot and dry Santa Ana winds which just make me crazy.....I'll say no more on this topic for now.

Stay hot or cool wherever you are...

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