Thursday, November 29, 2007

Vail Friend and Main Street Trek at Rick's

OK here I am at J&J's home in in Westlake Village at my BD months ago performing some R&R. Pretty mellow eh?

Oh yeah...

Then there's my old time buddy Allen who has been doing a heraldic job trying to get me writing, not more often, just writing more of anything. Just because he's prolific like Hemingway doesn't mean everyone is as well. But Allen's a book publisher and magazine writer right now I'm not more than a pisher so I need to keep moving like a shark just to catch up

So the love birds Fatboy and Elizabeth are smiling it up and thinking thoughts no one can yet understand. I don't think they understand it either. But its a good show.

For a non-drinker nor smoker Jimbo usually strums his air guitar to the beat of the hippie movement that most can't remember. Who are they and are they still alive. Last time we all saw a concert together we were surrounded by oxygen dragging hip creaking walker strolling geriatrics whose  wheel chair clicks made a strange melancholy metallic harmony.

So here we are at Rick's tonight imbibing, burger hungry gourmet and telling tall tales to each other as we catch up with our invaluable gossip that can't be spread quickly enough and run over by motor bikes having their way with idle gossip turned into molasses and helping it spread to slow down life as we know it.

Oh and this is a cool dog face I spotted and wanted to share. Look at those eyes. Jeez

Ciao everyone. I trust this was little more fun and light humored

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