Saturday, November 17, 2007

All over town yesterday


Yesterday was an odd ball day in that I had an early morning appointment at the witch doctors and headed home to write to which I was not very accommodating to myself. Not attributed to writers block as much as distracted block. Yes I'm easily distracted. So I web surfed too long for my own good, crashed and burned.

Eventually, got back to my writing but had to prepare my notes in long hand which I believe is both archaic and a time waster as I'm compelled to transfer my notes. Wrote down an outline with which I was barely satisfied but then got onto the net again surfing for a new place to live. I was all over he place figuratively, literally and geographically. Not even close to a solution. Help.

Waited until he last minute to leave my place so I was not properly dressed when I headed down to the promenade for for my iweb instructional meeting before I was to attend my Friday night Mtribe spiritual and social event.

Finished my iweb mac class where I finally learned something of value to help me set up my new web site. My plan is to complete the "good enough" web site this weekend. Later, I was off to the Mtribe for my weekly spiritual fix of prayer, meditation and a sprinkle of socializing. Was a bit cross with myself in that I wasn't dressed as nicely as I should have since there was a special event which attracted a good number of well dressed members. Oh well, I'll think more carefully next time.

Got up late this morning, Saturday and headed to my favorite spots. I would have through the slightly cooler weather would have kept people indoors but it was just cooler rather than cold so many hipsters were out and about. I enjoyed my usual tasty and java while reading the paper this morning which contained stale roux stories (yawn) and and went to the library to sort out my words in a stream of consciousness style which I both distrust and find a good exercise to help get me to Carnegie Hall. You know practice.....

Am looking forward to Duttons event in a little while and concert at the library; but not as much as the myriad of gallery opening tonight at Bergamont. should be fun. We'll see.

That's all for now

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