Sunday, July 5, 2009

July Fourth 2009

Why do some people party so hard on a holiday weekend.? One might think its the end of the world so party hearty before its all over.

My thoughts are many are so hungry to let their hair and guard down after a long week at the office where being politically correct is a way of life - a suppressed way of life. The need for unbridled socialization by allowing themselves to burst out of their shell propels the 1984 era look-alike worker bees into party animals at mach three velocity.

Having taken in a small hometown parade in Santa Monica on the Fourth, the crowd was more local and family sensible for a decent sized city by the shore. A far cry from the usual frenetic gatherings on a holiday weekend. Maybe because it started early before the tourists descended upon the town. Oh it was a pleasure watching the local organizations, schools, associations, low riders, police, fire and city officials smiling while waving flags and tossing candy into the manageable crowds. What a treat

July Fourth Weekend was just spectacular in many more ways than I would have thought, beginning with a luncheon hosted by my Venice friends, the parade, fireworks view from a far and a revelation that I may have found the beginnings of my new"voice."

So many changes this last week that I would have been beyond myself until I came to grips with letting it all go and allowing fate to take its course. Yes, definitely a revelation but maybe a resurrection. Who knows? We'll see next week.