Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alone at the college library

This is finals week with those students who haven't given up study and type away like musicians in a concert hall finishing their studies and final assignments for a good grade to take with them during the summer months; or to graduation if they're moving forward.

On the other hand just finished my finals so I'm catching up with my emails. Nothing else to do but lounge around until summer school or develop my "big" secret idea and move to a new paradise.

Yes lamenting has its moments but I can either wallow in self pity or move forward. The new term I enjoy and probably mentioned before is that I'm "in motion." Like a shark its keep moving or languish.
Enough of this morbid chatter. There is an "in motion" thought I'm in the process of perusing but will reveal when its completed. Its both exciting and frightening as I move with calculated trepidation. I promise my next posts will be more entertaining.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Biblical Wedding

Getting more involved in my M Tribe with the biblical wedding of Issac and Rebbecca this Sunday.

Many of us dressed the part and it was a full day of ceremonies, costumes, songs, music, food and much merry to go around all the different disjointed parts of the temple and its grounds.

A wonderful time was had by all and I could have stayed all day if the organizers didn't have to go home to sleep for three days after planning this luscious event all week or longer.

It was colorful, animated, anointed and theatrical without being blasphemous. This is the kind of event party that keeps us bound together week after week.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

College Library

Finishing my final homework assignments at the college where the students who hung in there are studying hard for their finals. Mine are next week but it should be just fine.
The weather is absolutely marvelous with the beach just a mile or so away and my "in motion" stance seems to be working where my goal is to take at least one small risk or step forward a day. My outlook is a bit altered as well now that I'm PCD and POD. Will share acronyms later.

I know this writing is a bit grimy, gritty and rusty but it'll be cleaned up soon enough.
Just like my e-pal across the waters living situation has changed so much recently I find it hard to beleive this was once upscale high rise.

Students are packed into small apartments, univited guests at once quiet and tame pool area; overly pet friendly but not pet guardian-friendly to monitor the new zoo clean up of "ugh.". Boy have things changed. Or, is it my new outlook.

ReLo is my next big step. Wish me luck.

Smoother prose coming soon. Right!

Monday, June 1, 2009



After taking a sabbatical for several months it is now time to resurrect this blog and continue where I left off, but in a more directed manner.

Having worked a local college near the beach for six months offered me an appreciation of the scholarly life which is no different in politics to the corporate life. Made a few friends and had an exceptional boss which made the days wizz by like a rocket in space.

Visited David and kiddies back in Philly a few weeks ago which offered a new perspective on my consideration of moving near them. Guess I'm not wanted, welcomed or worse off enough to be taken in. The revelation was that I'm truly on my own. So rather then wallow in self-pity I decided to take an aggressive stand and get in motion with my life.

Three three major areas of renewed interest are: relocation, education and income generation. We'll get into the details later.

The important aspect is my taking the bull by the horns and following a new path which is painful in every step I take into new territories with obstacles. pebbles and shard glass along the way to avoid or step on and heal.

Corresponding with my e-pal across the pond who has offered simple but brilliant tidbits.

David, Jimbo, FarmBoy and dad are the few regular supporters I now have. So. I'll keep them.

Ciao for now