Saturday, March 22, 2008


The ambulances, fire trucks and police cars arrived early in the morning. I know because the wailing sirens woke me up. One of my neighbors who was in poor health and unhappy with his plight in life bit the big one and met his tragic end. He may have been cranky old geezer but I’ll miss his chicken voice, sardonic humor and outlandish stories. Oh well, he’ll be remembered.
Did you ever have a day when things turned out very different from what your expectations were? Well today was that day for me. Neither good nor bad ,just that life threw me an unexpected curve ball, but I was still at bat.
Just came from a memorial service call in a house jam packed with lovely decent and earthy people who shared heart warming stories. I felt kinda bad that I was dressed so down but for some reason I thought there would only be handful of visitors on the last day of services. Wrong again.
I kept quiet, sat on the couch and didn't move around but a few people came up to me to say hello and ask how I was. Nice. Anyway, funerals and Shiva calls still make me feel queazy. I paid my respects said goodbye and went home.
One of the women looked and sounded very familiar. As I drove home I believe I knew her about 20 years ago. I must say it made me feel odd and old.
Earlier that day I was in Santa Monica looking at an apartment which looked great from the outside, etc. But it was a teeny tiny single in the historic BPOE building on Main and Pier. It was as old as myself. The place was clean and cool and perfect if I were 20 years old, naive and 100 lbs. lighter.
Yes, I was disappointed. If it were only a little bit bigger than my kitchen. The big “if.” However the up side is that the building is truly historic with hardwood floors and huge hallways; and I took a tour of it while its still standing. But it just wouldn't work out for me. Oh well. That decision was made.
An M-Triber called me and mentioned her neighbor has a quiet single apartment next door to her that's now available. Evidently, her former tenant just passed away. Hmmm. She doesn't know the details but her neighbor will call me this week to set up an appointment for me to view the apartment.
I went to dinner on Main street and sat next to a down and out actor at my favorite pub whom you would know if you saw him. It was a sad sight but a common tale.
 After more than a year of procrastinating I have suddenly this morning encountered three new apartments available for me to view. One of which I'm off to see this afternoon on main street near my tribe in Venice.
Its no bargain but a great location, two blocks from the beach and across the street from my tribe. Its in an old but well keep historic building in the heart of artsy fartsy yuppie hipster ville. Walking distance to everything.
Although I haven't yet seen it I'm a bit anxious as the manager told me that I'm number one on the list and there has been a bevy of calls from just a mere posting on the building wall. And, have to make a decision immediately. Yikes. No not that.
 Yes, I'm still in the studying for the USPS test and job in ? (secret), but as Yogi Berra says, "it ain't over 'till its over." Love that guy. I'm not waiting anymore. I need to move forward. I’ll go wherever the wind takes me.
Shifting gears again, the other more important item is the medical test results which were enlightening. I had a good clean bill of health. However the surgeon suggested I keep a large bottle of spirits of ammonia nearby after I receive her invoice.
She was happy with my good medical condition and her discovery. I'm glad one of us was.  Its great growing old isn't it? However, I may now be on the road to recovery within as little as 14 days  on a rigorous drug  treatment and restricted acid producing diet: no coffee, tea, tomatoes or alcoholic beverages. And only in moderation thereafter. Oh well. My new life begins again.
I trust this was not TMI. You know the old saying, if you ask an old person how they're feeling they'll actually tell you. Ha. So it goes.
Continuing my saga, I have applied to be a continuous education teacher at Santa Monica college since higher education credentials are not required. Just life experience and some subject matter knowledge. Teaching will be based on enrollment of classes only. It's a long shot. Who knows. The director didn't seem pleased with my more than casual attire and grooming.
And finally (thanks for hanging in there) I spoke with cousin Ann in Boulder. Everyone there is fine and doing exceptionally well. But one interesting story is that her W & L who have transitioned from rags to riches in less than ten years, invested in new house construction.
They bought an old property near a neat historic park location which is an extremely upscale neighborhood at the base of the famous Flatirons - gateway to the Rocky Mountains. They renovated the existing structure and built a magnificent house barley from scratch, which is their business today - mostly plumbing but construct
ion and reconstruction as well. It's a beautiful place. Whoever purchases it will be fortunate.
And I looked at a trailer...another story when I feel like talking trailer trash.
Thanks for listening and just send the bill to my old address if I have new one by the time you read this.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Fat Chicken

Yes, its been a while since I visited my blog. But not to worry I'm back on the track after experiencing a strange week of spiritual karma revelations. Enough cryptic rhetoric. I'm a big fat chicken. I've had more opportunities than most but am too "cluck cluck" to move forward. Oh, I know it and so do my friends and relatives.

But I took the next safe steps and will be out of my funk really soon. Too soon if you ask me. It may sound like a mystery but its really just that I'm a big fat chicken ready to be fried.

I adore Vincent Van Gogh's history, biography and art. This one is especially close to me as it does a great job in depicting my feelings in less than ten thousand words. I'm not alone in these feelings and am duly bored when whining turns ad nausem. Need I say more. Just a take a close look at him. He reminds me of me, my friends, my neighbors and the strangers we call homeless.

So I went to visit the local art galleries for my usual Saturaday night art crawl.There were so many hip, wanna be artists and their mothers I was overwhelmed. The collection was surprisingly beautiful, original, amusing and a bit unnerving.

Let's first start with some a neat piece of art Vincent would be proud of that I viewed while imbibing in delicious Merlot wine.

I love this piece its so real and haunting.

What are they afraid of?

I think its the party they just left...

Let's see what that party looked like.

Hey you're looking the wrong way.

Mama, whaty is she wearing?