Saturday, February 23, 2008

Singing the Blues

Having dropped my car off for what I thought was a minor repair turned out to be a costly estimate. While I was wallowing in self pity over the week's trying events, I sat down at the bus stop to wait for the big blue bus to take me to the college library where I was to complete my homework assignments. Adding to my blue nature was the filthy littered street at the bus stop which is a far cry from the same pristine neighborhood less than a decade ago.

A lovely young Asian woman who was sitting next to me, offered me a big warm and welcomed smile. She asked me, in broken but carefully structured English, if I too were a student like her. I nodded and she again broke out into a radiant smile that seemed to please her that I was fellow alumnus.

She began to ask me a series of questions and gladly shared a little bit about herself.
Suddenly chatting with this pleasant young student lifted my spirits.

She is a Veterinarian in Korea who is attending our college in the US because of its good reputation, cultural mix and excellent courses in English which she would like to master. Although she apologized for her poor English, I believe she offered better speech characteristics than she realized.

As the conversation continued, she indicated she just arrived in this country less than a month ago and loves the neighborhood, the shopping malls and the beach. And, the shocker was how clean she believed the city to be. Well, in trying to be positive my response was, "yes it is."

The bus took us to our destination. We parted and said goodbye.

What a nice way to turn a blue day into a sunny mood. Life is all about perspective.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Memoir Writing Workshop

Here's the answer to the question asked of me many times this week: "What's New?"
I'm launching a memoir writing workshop for my M-Tribe that will be used as a base for begining classes at other learning institutions. (Sounds good, eh?)
Here is a selection from my flier:
"Adult Education Program
February xx, 2008
Memoir Writing Workshop

Keeping cherished memories alive by writing an autobiography or biography.

Have you ever wanted to write your life story, or that of someone special to you?
Now you can write a memoir, oral history or life story as a precious keepsake and legacy for your family, friends, neighbors and club members. But, telling your story is more than just collecting facts from the past and writing them down in chronological order. Its not reserved only for the rich and famous. You can do it too.
Everyone has precious moments, milestones, celebrations, rites of passage, and sad stories they’d like to share. Keep those cherished memories alive by writing them down without the fear of facing a blank page or PC screen and not knowing how to continue.
The Adult Education Program is happy to present a guided workshop tour on how to celebrate a life story in a written format. Life story tellers will be led along a natural path to offer them ease, motivation and confidence, even if they’ve never written before.
We’ll offer enlightenment and guide you on how to write an interesting, exciting and sparkling personal life story. Please RSVP and bring a pen and pad with you to this writing workshop."
So, wadda 'ya think?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Tree House Grows in Venice

Strolling through a hidden pocket neighborhood in Venice I came across a narrow "walk street" where homes face a walking path without the view, noise, or clutter of cars, people or traffic. As I stumbled down this beautiful path I came across a tree house which intruiged me, as I grew up in a big city where a tree house was merely a story book dream.
It looked so welcoming and large I was wondering if I might be able to move there, high above the land lubbers. It would be considered a SFR. Ha.
Going back to school was interesting, sitting next to students half the age of my children. I'm learning more about education than getting educated. Education is a big business today with costs rising to the point that many students need to have good grades to attend state sponsored colleges or universities. Scholoships are available to students through due diligence in their research.
Sis is visiting dad in Boca. Jen had her birthday last week. Jake is OK. David returned from a short business trip and Ann and clan are all doing well.
Well I got up early to complete some chores before I head to Santa Monica's Farmer's Market where the yuppies, hippies, breeders and artisens meet and greet while selecting healthy food and drinks. It should be fun as always.
Ciao for now.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dwelling on the Past

Weekend jam packed with no-party events but turned to praying gatherings and supporting those in need of comfort during sad times.
Friday night at M-Tribe, Saturday morning at M-Tribe spiritual gathering, saturday afternoon at M-Tribe chief teepee for philisopjhicl discussion served with exotioc drink of the month. Then off to comfort and pray with M-Tribe family in time of sorrrow; followed with a Sunday morning visit as well.
Having been a bit anxiuous about tomorrow as it is the first day of school for me. Not having attended formal college classes in a dogs age I'm bloated with frear and walk with trepeidation. Was this a good decision or another way to derail me? I beleive it has logic, merit, and practicality as it was well thought out and conferred with College counselors for validation of actions and decisions.
Maybe its the unknown I'm fearing, I read a story recently where children fear nothing until they're told to fear by adults. Very interestibg. Maybe my grand children can offer me some sage advice.
An unseasonable hot day threw me off kilter so I read by the pool, had a little to eat and drink and am ready to bed down now that the thorizine has kicked in nicely.

Sweet Dream....

Friday, February 8, 2008

J & J

Two generations of Js. J&J. Jennifer my daughter and her daughter Jordan.
Next week is Jennifer's birthday. Happy Birthday Jen and write more often. Ha.
I just returned from a long weekend visiting with my son David and his lovely family who live in a beautiful bedroom community in the Philly burbs.
However, I’m still suffering from jet lag.
Long flights. Several delays. Crowded airports and planes. Travel has changed dramatically over the years. Like most everything else in life. Glad to be sleeping in my own bed but would like to move out of my once elegant high rise apartment and hip neighborhood. Overnight it turned into a congested crisscross of uncontrolled buildiong of condos, SFR and commercial RE; and busy streets suffering from New York City envy. Enough of that.
My friend Jenny was telling me about her getting rid of baggage. I'm trying but its not as easy a task as I thought. How can I discard that great looking and expensive suit? Just because it may not fit as well as it did years doesn't matter. Its hard to do.
After discarding so much of my baggage last year I’m embarrassed to say I could still get rid of an equal amount of “stuff” today. I’m experimenting with living on about one tenth of my meager possessions and am doing just fine. Who knew?
Less is more.....