Friday, November 9, 2007

Tea Kettle and looking west

Hello folks.

I just finished reading a wonderful web blog site which unexpectedly inspired me to write in this journal today. And to keep on writing as vigorously as I can since I so much enjoy putting my thoughts onto the modern day page aptly named the Internet.

After being cooped up in my tiny apartment I needed to stretch my legs and change my scenery. After looking at my kettle on the stove sitting by itself looking so lonely I thought this could be me as well. So I ventured out to my favorite breakfast place New York Bagel for a delicious hearty bagel with butter; and then moved on to Peets coffee where the sweet exotic aromas and comfortable chair were waiting for me with open arms.

Next door is the the local library. It's clean, comfortable and lovely with several computers connected to the Internet making it easy to get on line after my short walk. There is a wide variety of public library community goers here from book loving seniors, young mothers with their small children, lunch time workers venturing to conduct some personal e-mail business, some street people and the unemployed.

This wide variety of eclectic sorts take full advantage of the superb library services. Here is a public venue that truly serves all. Kudos to the city of LA and the gracious staff of librarians who are asked and will answer any question they can. I am especially grateful as I use the city services often. Thank you.

Since I have a new Mac book, I will be heading to the Apple store at the Santa Monica Promenade store this afternoon for one of their open classes which I much enjoy attending. Not just the enthusiastic teachers but the upbeat environment which is like attending a party with computers instead of martinis and party favors. Oh well.

Then off to my Friday night spiritual tribe where a small group of us meet each week. I look forward to attending as I see and listen to the friendly familiar faces and voices. At the end of the week its a wonderfully recharging and centering event.

Ah its a rough life.

Keep your spirits up.

Ciao for now.

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