Monday, November 12, 2007

My Ideal House and Home

Greetings to my brothers and sisters from around the world,

For those who don't know me I've been searching for a new home endlessly and my close friends and relatives are tired of listening to my tales of woe, as am I.

I know these are trying times for many around the world but we all have dreams which keep our spirits high and allow us to go on to greet the next day. Here's a simple dream of mine that's not too personal and one which I don't mind sharing.

The characteristics of my ideal home would be a small unpretentious New England style farm house with a front and side porch, a fireplace or two with decent sized front and back yards for friends and family to play and roam.

My house be small enough to be easily managed and large enough to encourage my family, friends and little ones to be comfortable especially when I plan the first Thanksgiving of my new life.

Country French or Shaker style furniture and similarly simple and practical attributes abound mirroring the welcoming and friendly feel of the neighboring community. Of course how could such a beautiful home be complete without a friendly faced dog as a companion to watch over it, greet visitors and have free reign of the house and yards.

Let's not forget that hand made rocking chair on the porch on which books would be read, advice be given and chess and checkers taught to the next generations.

What a nice dream. I guess I can cancel my shrink appointment after revealing so much. Ha.

Bye for now and sweet dreams tonight to all,

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