Thursday, November 15, 2007

Writing Day

Another hot and dry day in November in LA. So I'm at the cool library writing away in the comfortable a/c environment. Just updating lists and following through with e-mails before I get fully entrenched in my writing assignment which is my goal to complete today on my fiction web blog site which isn't ready for public viewing yet.

After a break for dinner I'll be heading to Duttons for an author reading and signing event tonight. Should be fun. We'll see. As I read this over a few times it seems today's blog is as dry as the weather. Oh well. At least I put some words down as a prelim to my fiction.

Enough nonsense and off to my daily writing assignment goal. 500 words. We'll see.

Ciao for now

p.s. while I'm thinking, preparing and planning to write a new piece my buddy already completed a new article in between his skiing lessons. Another lesson for me to learn: Just do it! Thank you Nike.

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