Monday, April 7, 2008

Life is Funny

Suddenly the planted seeds are sprouting.
School is great. This old dog is actually learning a thing or two, meeting new people face to face and online. Got a couple of a writing assignments and one Hollywood talk but no walk gig (maybe).
Will be interviewing an up and coming artist who was displaying her wares at Bergamot last week. She should be a good interview and takes a good picture
Fat-boy's folks are in town so I'll get a chance to have some delicious home made non gaseous beans and corn bread in a couple of weeks. A hot cooked meal. What a treat. I'd better brush up on my "Chicken Feet." For those who know.
JJJ&A are real busy. Diapers, dogs and kin. J got a promotion and is busier than ever. Hard to believe.
D&T have their hands full with their triple header tods but K is wonderful help. Don't know how she stays so calm and so even tempered. Nobody I grew up with.
Cousin Ann is as cheerful as always with her gaggle of kids and grand kids. Wait that's me too without the "cheerful" part.
Lynda got back from a cruise and loved it. Getting her business well oiled again.
Linda needs to go on cruise but will probably do her usual gals spa weekend. Hubby will be off on his crotch rocket.
Met Rose and her beau at Peet's. We talked about vacationing in Granada. or Paris.
Jim Bunions is the "bad joke Jerry" of the valley. Don't get up.
Big turnout at Bergamot's last Saturday. Got invited to a small social gathering afterward that I was too tired to attend but wished I had.
Have a new friend who lives in a funky trailer park hidden in the heart of town. Maybe I'll see if there's one for sale. She's not five feet tall, retired for years but as feisty and daring as a sprinter. I can't keep with her.
D&R are my new friends who I look forward to seeing Friday evenings on Main in Venice. We usually walk a close member home after our spiritual meeting to chat and catch up. However, I'm now addicted to popcorn.
R's sis is an artist who lives in the middle west and has a cool website. I sent her a note and she responded quickly with lovely words. She is a song to me. Here is a piece espeicall like.
Fasting today and meeting Fatboy tomorrow morning for a ride. Will he drive or take his Harley? Who knows. Life is a mystery tour.
Ciao Abie