Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mulling around town during the Santa Anas

Hello out there....

Folks please be kind with me today as I had my head shrunk yesterday and am feeling awfully dizzy and quite pensive.

Yes, the hot dry Santa Ana's are still with us. Weird hot temps in the middle of November. Go figure. Too hot to stay home so I ventured out all day and early evening eating drinking, walking and busing. Decided to head to the Third Street Promenade to take a computer class when I stopped by Starbucks for a sandwich and noticed a long line of people awaiting a celebrity sighting and signing. I walked closer into the book store and sure enough there was a singer I so admired over the years just sitting and smiling a few feet from me. It was James Taylor autographing his new CD.

The line was long but James graciously spent a few moments with each signee sometimes having his picture taken with them as well. Cool.

Then headed to the Apple store for some iweb training but was too distracted by a lone chatterbox participant who dominated the conversation. I knew a bit more about iweb than I thought so I didn't feel guilty leaving a bit early.

Took the bus home since I didn't want to drive. Got home and had a bite to eat and began blogging as I promised I would do each day. Not too happy with this one but I'm seeking volume, practice and training for my short stories on my other secret blog.

As the old saying went when I worked at the house that Ruth built, 'even Mickey Mantle didn't bat a thousand." Get it? Never mind.

OK Enough. I'm losing it. Ciao for now

Someone send me a note to cheer me up.

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