Saturday, November 10, 2007

Concrete tower hot box

Good morning my brothers and sisters from around the world.

I didn't sleep very well last night so please allow me to ramble on for a few moments as I finish my bagel and coffee in a sweet spot on a cool morning while editing my hand written notes and today's to do list before I put myself into first gear on the computer.

Whimpered my way to the library which is nice, cool and unusually quiet for a Saturday morning, I read some rather trite e-mails. a few uninteresting blogs, bad news on the state of the economy and an uninspiring human interest story doesn't matter?

One story troubled me as I'm strong believer that life sometimes pitches us an unexpected curve ball was a story about Oprah. Although I don't know her, I like Oprah and am sad to see her name associated with an unfortunate incident at a school she so diligently supports. It seems her good intentions and acts of kinds and Charity are being overshadowed by life's imperfection of an unpredictable incident at her personally supported school.

What can I say? I trust the issue will soon be resolved so Oprah can move on with her good intentions and acts of charity and kindness. All this will be old news soon and I support her altruistic efforts. Thank you.

Anyway, I need to continue to whine a bit more about my sad, lonely and boring story. I've been longing to leave my teeny hot box apartment in the concrete tower on the west side of town for so long now it has left me immobilized. I'm sure my few friends, relatives and neighbors are tired of hearing me whine about it. Actually I'm a bit tired myself talking and thinking about moving. Yes, its time to metaphorically move on with my life which would be a positive move both physically and emotionally.

Although there are many reasons to move on with my life, I don't know if it's climate, body, or building engineering changes, but no matter how cool the outside temperature is, the inside of my botanical greenhouse effect flat is like living in an intentionally designed solar heating unit. Maybe if I just gather some branches to tap myself on the shoulder from time to time I can emulate enjoying a dry sauna. Ha. Actually, its not so funny.

Moving on with one's life is a major sticking, picking and thinking point for most of us. We'll tell ourselves we need to cleanup up our act and space, get rid of old baggage that's just weighing us down and take the next step toward the uncertain future since nothing in life is a sure thing.

If we're looking for security, forget it. Security is a mythical concept, not an item one can hold in their hands to touch, smell, feel or taste. So what does moving on with one's life really mean? I believe it means courage.

I'm envious of those who feel comfortable in their lives where they are today. They don't need to move on as voraciously as others who are lost. However, there are many of us are motivated by fear and we, or rather I, need to take the rough road of courage to move on.

Is it easy taking the new road less traveled? Nothing worthwhile in life is easy. So, if we don't try we feel artificially safe. If we do it's a risk we're afraid to take. However, if we just do it, we're not just moving on but rather moving forward in a positive way.

Yikes, its Saturday morning and I'm preaching to myself under the guise of helping others. What a laugh. Life is funny. No doubt. Who am I to preach to others.

As a lover of cliches, the tag line I think of most often as a my mantra is Nike's "just Do it". Many times I put off completing one task until a previous task is completed first. Which usually never curers. This week was the start of my just doing it with vim and vigor. I started and completed tasks without the need or pretext of another task which needed to be done first.

As I read this I feel well done. Baked in my early morning, sleep deprived class of one. So, its time to move on and I will.

The sun is shining and I'm heading down the road to an author book reading and signing event at Duttons. Its a place many word and book lovers attend to support the bookstore ownership, architecture and authors. AS I write these words my spirits are lifted. Yes. Wow.

Then later after my afternoon nap, I'll be taking pictures and viewing artwork at a local art gallery I enjoy visiting on Saturday nights. They're usually fun and interesting at least. I get to meet some people, listen to their sad stories as I fib about my life as well. Its good clean family fun for all.

That's all for now. Thanks for being good listeners.

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