Monday, November 12, 2007

On a roll

Greetings my friends,

OK I think I'm on a roll in my writing momentum. It simply seems that if one wants to write they should write. I've done a lot of that today with the understanding that writing in itself isn't as important as the volume, discipline and momentum of writing. I'd like to keep that roll going. Any encouragement is welcomed with open arms.

Since that's in place I will advance to step two: searching for a new place to live and write like a Gothic computer game taking it to the next level. I've overextended my welcome in my humble abode which served me well for many years. Just as I need to move on with my writing I need to move on with the next game level or stage in my life.

OK one down, seventeen to go. Not bad.

Just a wee bit more about places. I've conducted more than enough time and effort in researching a place to call my own for next years of my life. I've had a good run in Los Angeles but it's time to move on to a new spot more conducive for a writer seeking refuge and a quiet place of his own. The east coast is where my kids live so I was thinking about that. Don't know how they would feel though. I like New England (who doesn't) but as my son so wisely insures me of its cold and sometimes harsh winters to which I may not easily embrace. Good point David. That reality sends a cold shiver up and down my spine.

Thanks for listing to my rambling on today. As always it is much appreciated.

Ciao for now and best to all,

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