Sunday, November 18, 2007


It was a dark and foggy night in Santa Monica when I reluctantly headed to Bergamot Station to attend a handful of gallery opening receptions which are usually interesting if not fun.

Although I do enjoy the cooler weather much more than the heat waving we've experienced with global warming paving the way, the new fog was hazing up my vision and thinking.

The first gallery opening I attended was at the Schoenberg gallery, one of my favorites. I like going up the spiral staircase to the small, quaint and intimate gallery with a balcony view and open doors to the roof of the other building when the weather is so hot cross ventilation is required. Two artists were showing their colorful works. Neat.

Went across the walkway parking lot to another gallery where photographs were displayed. Wasn't as cool as Schoenberg's so I left and unexpectedly bumped into Elle. We've known and bumped into each other at various events for years. She's very intuitive and has a way of lifting my spirits. We talked about different tribal events and the philosophy of higher learning of individual people and groups. Talked for a longer time than anticipated.

Stayed a while together and then parted waves as she directed me to an exhibit which was supporting human rights issues around the world.Stepped into the more elegant gallery setting and rubbed elbows with a higher society clientele than myself. I guess that means just about everybody else. Oh and there was a celebrity spotting. Ann Archer was a leading player in the charity cause and offered an inspiring speech. (Did I mention I spotted James Taylor the night before at Borders on Third Street signing his new CD. Cool man.)Nice variety of art, people and cocktails. Continued to rub elbows and surprisingly bumped into Judith a member of my new tribe. She's a poet and artist who seemed a bit distracted but wanted to get together a cup of coffee another time. Was she waiting for someone else as we chatted? Who knows. I'll see her next week.

Then there was Paul and Mike. Regulars who have interesting under the radar stories of their own I may share with you at a later time. Suddenly the night was more exiting and invigorating. I was given one more drink but decided against downing it as I'm a believer in not drinking and driving. So I passed it up and went to another gallery. By that time I was overwhlemed with art and left. Stopped to pick up some rotisserie chicken at California Chiken Cafe as I was chicken hungry and headed home.

Ate, read some blogs and tried to write a politiacal blog essay but was too worn out. Listened to Bill Maher on my ipod before my head met the pillow and slpt in on Sunday mroning for the first time a quite a while. Had a usual good Sunday on my bike, at NYB and Peets. Went a last minute reading at Dutton's on the subject of Virginia Woolfe. I knew she was smart, a feminist and great writer, but didn't knwo she committrd suicide. Downer.
Vacuumed, ate, drank and talked to dad. Just kicking back now as I finish this blog and getting ready for a little TV and late afternoon snacks. Will read some more blogs and head to dreamland.

Ciao my friends...

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