Tuesday, November 20, 2007

T-day & E-tribe

Hello all,
The light is on...

Yesterday was E-Tribe day where a handful of us get together each week  to disclose and share our deepest darkest secrets from the past as we put it down with pen on paper. After we read a short excerpt kind comments are made which makes us think about how yesteryear formulated our present.

When our tribe first began I must admit I was unsure in which direction it was going and almost dropped out due to being unsure and experiencing some doubts. However as time went on we got to know each other a little more and more until we got to a point where we probably knew the important inner livers we all lead. Enough said.

T-day is only 53 hours away and I'm feeling melancholy already. T-day has as always been by favorite of all holidays with my favorite foods, aromas, tastes and sometimes people.

And the food shopping's always begins early. In fact, Whole Foods nearby has started a valet parking service which is pretty cool. Ahhhhh. T-day.

A little fogy and cooler outside paving the way to a true T-day as we share turkey, sweet potatos, cranberries, stuffing, oh I better stop I'm beginning to slobber.

Enjoy all.

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