Sunday, February 10, 2008

Dwelling on the Past

Weekend jam packed with no-party events but turned to praying gatherings and supporting those in need of comfort during sad times.
Friday night at M-Tribe, Saturday morning at M-Tribe spiritual gathering, saturday afternoon at M-Tribe chief teepee for philisopjhicl discussion served with exotioc drink of the month. Then off to comfort and pray with M-Tribe family in time of sorrrow; followed with a Sunday morning visit as well.
Having been a bit anxiuous about tomorrow as it is the first day of school for me. Not having attended formal college classes in a dogs age I'm bloated with frear and walk with trepeidation. Was this a good decision or another way to derail me? I beleive it has logic, merit, and practicality as it was well thought out and conferred with College counselors for validation of actions and decisions.
Maybe its the unknown I'm fearing, I read a story recently where children fear nothing until they're told to fear by adults. Very interestibg. Maybe my grand children can offer me some sage advice.
An unseasonable hot day threw me off kilter so I read by the pool, had a little to eat and drink and am ready to bed down now that the thorizine has kicked in nicely.

Sweet Dream....

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