Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Memoir Writing Workshop

Here's the answer to the question asked of me many times this week: "What's New?"
I'm launching a memoir writing workshop for my M-Tribe that will be used as a base for begining classes at other learning institutions. (Sounds good, eh?)
Here is a selection from my flier:
"Adult Education Program
February xx, 2008
Memoir Writing Workshop

Keeping cherished memories alive by writing an autobiography or biography.

Have you ever wanted to write your life story, or that of someone special to you?
Now you can write a memoir, oral history or life story as a precious keepsake and legacy for your family, friends, neighbors and club members. But, telling your story is more than just collecting facts from the past and writing them down in chronological order. Its not reserved only for the rich and famous. You can do it too.
Everyone has precious moments, milestones, celebrations, rites of passage, and sad stories they’d like to share. Keep those cherished memories alive by writing them down without the fear of facing a blank page or PC screen and not knowing how to continue.
The Adult Education Program is happy to present a guided workshop tour on how to celebrate a life story in a written format. Life story tellers will be led along a natural path to offer them ease, motivation and confidence, even if they’ve never written before.
We’ll offer enlightenment and guide you on how to write an interesting, exciting and sparkling personal life story. Please RSVP and bring a pen and pad with you to this writing workshop."
So, wadda 'ya think?

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