Sunday, February 17, 2008

A Tree House Grows in Venice

Strolling through a hidden pocket neighborhood in Venice I came across a narrow "walk street" where homes face a walking path without the view, noise, or clutter of cars, people or traffic. As I stumbled down this beautiful path I came across a tree house which intruiged me, as I grew up in a big city where a tree house was merely a story book dream.
It looked so welcoming and large I was wondering if I might be able to move there, high above the land lubbers. It would be considered a SFR. Ha.
Going back to school was interesting, sitting next to students half the age of my children. I'm learning more about education than getting educated. Education is a big business today with costs rising to the point that many students need to have good grades to attend state sponsored colleges or universities. Scholoships are available to students through due diligence in their research.
Sis is visiting dad in Boca. Jen had her birthday last week. Jake is OK. David returned from a short business trip and Ann and clan are all doing well.
Well I got up early to complete some chores before I head to Santa Monica's Farmer's Market where the yuppies, hippies, breeders and artisens meet and greet while selecting healthy food and drinks. It should be fun as always.
Ciao for now.

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