Friday, February 8, 2008

J & J

Two generations of Js. J&J. Jennifer my daughter and her daughter Jordan.
Next week is Jennifer's birthday. Happy Birthday Jen and write more often. Ha.
I just returned from a long weekend visiting with my son David and his lovely family who live in a beautiful bedroom community in the Philly burbs.
However, I’m still suffering from jet lag.
Long flights. Several delays. Crowded airports and planes. Travel has changed dramatically over the years. Like most everything else in life. Glad to be sleeping in my own bed but would like to move out of my once elegant high rise apartment and hip neighborhood. Overnight it turned into a congested crisscross of uncontrolled buildiong of condos, SFR and commercial RE; and busy streets suffering from New York City envy. Enough of that.
My friend Jenny was telling me about her getting rid of baggage. I'm trying but its not as easy a task as I thought. How can I discard that great looking and expensive suit? Just because it may not fit as well as it did years doesn't matter. Its hard to do.
After discarding so much of my baggage last year I’m embarrassed to say I could still get rid of an equal amount of “stuff” today. I’m experimenting with living on about one tenth of my meager possessions and am doing just fine. Who knew?
Less is more.....

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