Saturday, February 23, 2008

Singing the Blues

Having dropped my car off for what I thought was a minor repair turned out to be a costly estimate. While I was wallowing in self pity over the week's trying events, I sat down at the bus stop to wait for the big blue bus to take me to the college library where I was to complete my homework assignments. Adding to my blue nature was the filthy littered street at the bus stop which is a far cry from the same pristine neighborhood less than a decade ago.

A lovely young Asian woman who was sitting next to me, offered me a big warm and welcomed smile. She asked me, in broken but carefully structured English, if I too were a student like her. I nodded and she again broke out into a radiant smile that seemed to please her that I was fellow alumnus.

She began to ask me a series of questions and gladly shared a little bit about herself.
Suddenly chatting with this pleasant young student lifted my spirits.

She is a Veterinarian in Korea who is attending our college in the US because of its good reputation, cultural mix and excellent courses in English which she would like to master. Although she apologized for her poor English, I believe she offered better speech characteristics than she realized.

As the conversation continued, she indicated she just arrived in this country less than a month ago and loves the neighborhood, the shopping malls and the beach. And, the shocker was how clean she believed the city to be. Well, in trying to be positive my response was, "yes it is."

The bus took us to our destination. We parted and said goodbye.

What a nice way to turn a blue day into a sunny mood. Life is all about perspective.

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