Thursday, June 11, 2009

Alone at the college library

This is finals week with those students who haven't given up study and type away like musicians in a concert hall finishing their studies and final assignments for a good grade to take with them during the summer months; or to graduation if they're moving forward.

On the other hand just finished my finals so I'm catching up with my emails. Nothing else to do but lounge around until summer school or develop my "big" secret idea and move to a new paradise.

Yes lamenting has its moments but I can either wallow in self pity or move forward. The new term I enjoy and probably mentioned before is that I'm "in motion." Like a shark its keep moving or languish.
Enough of this morbid chatter. There is an "in motion" thought I'm in the process of perusing but will reveal when its completed. Its both exciting and frightening as I move with calculated trepidation. I promise my next posts will be more entertaining.

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