Monday, June 1, 2009



After taking a sabbatical for several months it is now time to resurrect this blog and continue where I left off, but in a more directed manner.

Having worked a local college near the beach for six months offered me an appreciation of the scholarly life which is no different in politics to the corporate life. Made a few friends and had an exceptional boss which made the days wizz by like a rocket in space.

Visited David and kiddies back in Philly a few weeks ago which offered a new perspective on my consideration of moving near them. Guess I'm not wanted, welcomed or worse off enough to be taken in. The revelation was that I'm truly on my own. So rather then wallow in self-pity I decided to take an aggressive stand and get in motion with my life.

Three three major areas of renewed interest are: relocation, education and income generation. We'll get into the details later.

The important aspect is my taking the bull by the horns and following a new path which is painful in every step I take into new territories with obstacles. pebbles and shard glass along the way to avoid or step on and heal.

Corresponding with my e-pal across the pond who has offered simple but brilliant tidbits.

David, Jimbo, FarmBoy and dad are the few regular supporters I now have. So. I'll keep them.

Ciao for now

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