Tuesday, June 2, 2009

College Library

Finishing my final homework assignments at the college where the students who hung in there are studying hard for their finals. Mine are next week but it should be just fine.
The weather is absolutely marvelous with the beach just a mile or so away and my "in motion" stance seems to be working where my goal is to take at least one small risk or step forward a day. My outlook is a bit altered as well now that I'm PCD and POD. Will share acronyms later.

I know this writing is a bit grimy, gritty and rusty but it'll be cleaned up soon enough.
Just like my e-pal across the waters living situation has changed so much recently I find it hard to beleive this was once upscale high rise.

Students are packed into small apartments, univited guests at once quiet and tame pool area; overly pet friendly but not pet guardian-friendly to monitor the new zoo clean up of "ugh.". Boy have things changed. Or, is it my new outlook.

ReLo is my next big step. Wish me luck.

Smoother prose coming soon. Right!

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