Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big Fat Chicken

Yes, its been a while since I visited my blog. But not to worry I'm back on the track after experiencing a strange week of spiritual karma revelations. Enough cryptic rhetoric. I'm a big fat chicken. I've had more opportunities than most but am too "cluck cluck" to move forward. Oh, I know it and so do my friends and relatives.

But I took the next safe steps and will be out of my funk really soon. Too soon if you ask me. It may sound like a mystery but its really just that I'm a big fat chicken ready to be fried.

I adore Vincent Van Gogh's history, biography and art. This one is especially close to me as it does a great job in depicting my feelings in less than ten thousand words. I'm not alone in these feelings and am duly bored when whining turns ad nausem. Need I say more. Just a take a close look at him. He reminds me of me, my friends, my neighbors and the strangers we call homeless.

So I went to visit the local art galleries for my usual Saturaday night art crawl.There were so many hip, wanna be artists and their mothers I was overwhelmed. The collection was surprisingly beautiful, original, amusing and a bit unnerving.

Let's first start with some a neat piece of art Vincent would be proud of that I viewed while imbibing in delicious Merlot wine.

I love this piece its so real and haunting.

What are they afraid of?

I think its the party they just left...

Let's see what that party looked like.

Hey you're looking the wrong way.

Mama, whaty is she wearing?

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