Monday, December 24, 2007


Some people think talking about the weather is boring subject, but not to me. I find weather chatting fun, easy and interesting. Even if you're shy at a party asking, "isn't it quite warm for the winter" is a safe remark that might spark an unintentional conversation connection.

Maybe its global warming, normal weather patterns for southern California or just my hormones acting up, but the warm winter weather these last few years have been unusually unnerving to me. I like or want winter to at least be cool. Otherwise why call it winter. Maybe we can coin a new term and and call it Sumter.

Got up early so I turned on my ipod, plugged one end of the white cord into the receptacle and the other two in my ears and listened to a series of previously recorded podcasts on the topic of "Faith". It was fairly interesting but not as enlightening or inspiring as I hoped it would be. Expectations. But I was listening to the interviews in a semi dream-like state and for the most part enjoyed the "Faith".

Got up quickly as my apartment was turning into a sauna as the sun beat down directly on me. Headed to NY Bagel and Peets where they were serving coffee gratis and asked for donations to a good cause. Boy they're cool. Enjoyed both the bagel and coffee while reading the paper. Although its seemed a bit quieter than usual being Christmas Eve, there were still a gaggle of people around. And more dogs. Where did they come from?

Since the library s only a stone's throw away I headed there which is where I am right now. Small quiet calm crowd. Actually quite a beautiful and peaceful place to be this morning. I just read that they're closing mid day so I'll be here for another 45 minutes. However, the down part is that I don't have anywhere else to go afterwards.

This is a common issue single people have especially during the holidays when restaurants, museums and shops are closed for families to get together to partake in the family spirit. My intention is not to get you down by seeking sympathy but just to reveal a glimpse of the life of a person suddenly alone.

As I reread this it does sound like a downer. Well, it is what it is. And, later I'll take a walk in old town Santa Monica and Venice which I much enjoy. But during the holidays there are few tourists roaming around but lots of homeless souls who are more aggressive than usual asking for handouts as they pull at the heartstrings of the well to doers shopping in the quaint and expensive boutiques along Main Street.

Enough dour. Ready to enjoy the de jour. I know. I'll head down to Rick's this afternoon. Haven't been there in a while and they have a nice friendly crowd of loners with nothing else to do but tell tall tales, not listen to anything anyone around them is saying and drink their hearts away to drown out their loneliness. Yes, that's the perfect place for me this afternoon.

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

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