Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hats, Peanuts & Persimmons

A sunset view from my window showing off spectacular colors on the melting clouds

Its a good feeling to walk around a cool, neat and hip high energy outdoor farmers market just a few blocks from the beach. Its full of yuppies, breeders, artists and hippies. I see smiling faces among the crowds who actually know my name and face. I've lived in the area for years and never connected with anyone until recently. Hmm.
Today, I bumped into people who know me well enough to say hi. Especially the tall young innocent and naively looking kid who's been selling me fresh peanuts, apples, trail mix, almonds, persimmons and other exotic goodies for years. I ask for a pound of peanuts and he usually measures out a little more as he says with glee how its over a pound. He's very generous to me and others in many ways. What a nice kid.

I love fresh peanuts and persimmons. Peanuts are perennial but persimmons are only available during a short window. I like that you really have to find the right moment to eat persimmons. They ripen during a very very short period. If you eat them too early they're a bit firm and tart. If they're too ripe they're mushy and blackened. Just like the story of the three bears the persimmons, like porridge, must be just right. I like that I need to keep on an eye on them to monitor whether the time is right.

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