Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Day with the old guy

Early Christmas morning was cool, sunny and absolutely gorgeous as the lonely old guy went to one of the few open coffee shops: Coffee Bean and tea leaf. Oddest crowd I've seen in a long time. Mostly single old guys like myself, a few single old women and several yuppie young girls with their grandpas or sugar daddies. I think the former is more likely. The staying old guys and gals had coffee and a bagel or pastry. The going young girls were trekking off with containers of coffee, trays full of lattes and cakes. Cool.
The streets at 8:00 AM were as empty in Brentwood as a ghost town in Barstow. The weather was spectacular. Cool in the morning, sunny during the day and cool again in the evening. Hardly any traffic all day. Nice and quiet. Too quiet? I don't think so.
Something unusual. Not one phone call today. Everybody was busy doing stuff while I was looking to try to find stuff to do. Life is funny. That'll be my new tag line.
Anyone who wants to get together for a coffee meet please send me a comment and we'll work something out. Maybe we can form a true coffee clutch.
Had risotto for dinner with a cheap Syrah wine followed by Port. Both were good. OK this blog entry is going down hill fast so I'll end it. But my next one will be heavy duty so keep an eye out.

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