Wednesday, December 19, 2007

The rain was mild but steady for the last two days. We need the rain. I like the rain. It cools, cleans and cleanses the streets, buildings and souls.

As its Christmas week many have left the city with the lightest traffic I remember in a long time. Traffic, congestion and street noise have been the biggest scourge on the neighborhood slowly increasing to finally reaching an ominous crescendo depicting a futuristic time and place.

Visited Fatboy in the valley yesterday to help install a door, gossip and share a brewsky at the local British Pub down the street. We live in interesting times and tried to solve the problems of the world while sipping Guinness.

Since I’m planning to move I’m seeking the ideal spot. Who isn’t? Many think I’m a city boy having lived in New York and Los Angeles most of my life. But I have a hankering to move to a more rural rustic and scenic place where I can smell the flowers, see the seasons change and take long walks without the zig zag pedestrian clogged streets. Is it a dream or is it doable. Anything is doable but what holds me and most of us back is fear. Fear of change. Fear of risk, Fear of new and different.

Like many of us I have dreams, fears, regrets that are probably more common than I’d like to admit since we would all like to believe we’re unique. For the most part we’re not. We’re mostly living our lives with secret aspirations and goals we’ll never fulfill. Not morbid but rather realistic. That’s why we continue on that endless treadmill of life while living along the way.

However, we’re surprised by life from time to time when events occur beyond our control that sets us in a new and different direction than we ever expected or anticipated. So, we pull ourselves up by our boot straps and trudge through the mud to overcome the despair to look for and find that gorgeous rainbow.

Maybe the rain is making me feel mellow, philosophical and reflective. That’s OK. That’s how I feel right now. Think I’ll just head over to Peets for some coffee and do some free hand writing. It couldn’t be a better day for my hand to pen my thoughts.

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