Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Day after Christmas

It was real cool early this morning when I got up  to get to UCLA for an odd medical test. That was fun. Ha..  Headed over to Brentwood for a for coffee and a bagel at Coffee Bean since I haven't been there in a long time. The place was so quite I sat down to read the paper while sipping my java and savored my toasted everything bagel. Stayed there for a while longer than usual until a seemingly homeless man sat next to me as we shared a table. He was wearing jogging slacks and an oxford style blue shirt. He tried to chat me up but I wasn't up to chatting and wasn't sure of him.
My instincts were right . He started talking to himself and then took too quick a hot sip of his coffee he had to spit back into his cup, the table, my paper and his shirt. Disgusting. To make  a long story short he kept changing tables talking to strangers an himself, and when he was well marinated in Madagascar dark roast he took off and was nearly nicked by a passing SUV. So that was my exciting morning.

Coffee bean was beginning to get crowded so I headed to the library down the block which was quiet as well and sent out a bunch of e-mails. I was distracted by surfing the web instead of accomplishing  a few tasks I needed to complete Picked up some hummus and cheese across the street at Whole Foods and bundled up on my way back as the cool wind stirred up a bit.

Got on the net and brushed up on some grammar lessons and read a few blog entries. Nothing of any substance. Maybe I was little blue because another day passed without a call. Am reaching the bottom but have an idea up my sleeve I didn't think of until last week, Its a surprise so I won't reveal it until I have all my ducks in  a row.

Right now its the dreaded boob tube that's keeping me company. Jeez.

Better say ciao for now. Tomorrow should be an interesting day

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