Monday, December 3, 2007

Busted at the Barber Shop

So  Mrs. J busted my chops this week. beacuse I didn't publish a photo of her in my last blog; then she didn't like her new published photo; and finally she told me I was a lousy photographer who didn't know how to photograph a beautiful woman like herself.  I give up and have deep empathy for Mr. J 

It was an overall strange week. I wanted to go visit my son David and his wife back east next week as a last minute surprise trip but they'll be in Jamaica so Tami can get her hair braided. 

Oh well. My timing has been a bit off this week. I bumped into Linda leaning over a couple of hot rod bikes as she said, "you must be mad at me?" No response from me. We made small talk later as she explained how busy she was. My thoughts: no excuses. Anyway, we moved on...for the moment.

Want to take a last minute trip out of LA. Getting stale and bored. Need some fresh air , new people, words and new cultures to visit to get my head straight as we would say during the folk song days of Joan Baez. Anyone want to join me?

OK, the Ambien seems to be kicking in nicely now and suddenly  I'm slowing down fast. Rather than blathering on I'll just bid you all adieu.

But you know I'd like to add a photo. Let's see what I can find that's inappropriate.
Ciao to all

p.s. I need some technical guidance. After I import a photo it places itself at the top of the post and I am unable to adjust its position within the blog. Any help will be deeply appreciated,

Ciao Ciao
Your Bronx boy journal friend

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JennyB said...

Hi Abba, It's good to read about your life and thoughts and comments. Do you like to read and write blogs about the 'here and now'? Rather than my deep dreamy ones? I write how I feel at the moment and after reading your latest, I think you do too - without meaning to. Does that make sense? Sorry about your son going off to Jamaica. Children live to their own Agendas, not ours. What do you like to write about, or what would you like to write on a professional level?