Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No pics today. Just words....

Hello, I was feeling a bit blue today so I took a ride to Santa Monica's Apple store for a quick class in web site creation. Yes, my next project is to create a web site in addition to this blog site. I need to to start bringing in some income so I'll promote my old free lance copy writing business. Pretty boring so far, eh?

Went to the Santa Monica main library and just read some bios on line which I much enjoy. Most people's lives aren't that interesting but bios on famous people would surprise you. Today I read about John Steinbeck who won a Nobel prize years after his best work "The Grapes of Wrath". Nothing really spectacular in his life. He grew up in northern California, attended Stanford U and wrote about his experiences with the locals "Tortilla Flats" and mistreated migrant farmers from Oklahoma who migrated to California after the dust bowl drought left them poor and penniless.

He was an outstanding and prolific writer. Hemingway, on the other hand, did a lot of "manly" stuff like big game hunting, deep sea fishing, Cuba living, Florida Keyes tooling around, waring and expatriate living. He was cool, adventuresome but evidently had some life issues which was apparent at the end.

At the Brentwood library now. Its quiet. Very quiet here. Maybe its the strange weather. I once mentioned in a previous post that the hot dry and spooky Santa Ana winds make me crazy. Maybe others too. Jeez Louise 84 degrees in December. No wonder I'm off kilter. Well there are other reasons too. Can't talk about that now.

Fat boy called me this morning. He wants to go on a road trip. Maybe next week to Salinas? Aha. Go figure that one out. The mystery continues.

Lynda called me too. Maybe I'll get together with her too. She's cool.

OK I'm a bit hungry now. Will head to Whole Foods across the street for my favorites: hummus, cukes, bread and cheese. Oh and fizzy water.....hmm maybe a little Merlot. (I don't care if Sideways doesn't like it.)

Ciao (not chow) for now

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