Thursday, January 3, 2008


The streets were unusually bare this morning as the first work week began in 2008.
Where is everybody? It seems vacations were extended into the New Year. I'm not complaining. Glad its quiet for the moment and a bit overcast. My kind of weather. I can actually hear the sound of silence that's usually reserved for country living. I know its not going to last very long so I'll enjoy it while I can.
Having dusted off my REI bicycle I took a ride to Peets for coffee and a snack. I hadn't ridden my bike for a while now so it was good to get back in the saddle literally. Boy did I enjoy sipping that hot delicious coffee at Peets while observing the customers. It's like attending an off Broadway play.
Peets always draws a cool eclectic crowd with a nice combination of friendly and business buzz. There are yuppies, guppies, mothers with babies, retirees with their octogenarian parents, out of work writers and actors, retired business moguls with no one to talk to or listen to their big deal conversations.
But those around me always provide fun and interesting listening. People just seem to boast or greatly fib about their lives and exaggerated events. Maybe one or two thoughts are true but the others are merely dreams we all have. Lot's of bragging and ballooning of stories about exotic travel, big deals and romantic conquests.
The true lovers just sip their coffee quietly, eat their pastries, hold hands, rub each others backs or necks and know they don't need to chatter. They're there and everyone else is not.
Received a plethora of unexpected phone calls but fewer emails than usual. Getting to know more M-tribe members and attending more homespun dinners and group events at a gradual and slow pace. Just the way I like it.
David called yesterday and told me about the colds they're all suffering with and the cold snap the northeast is now experiencing. I'm not sure if he were sharing weather reports or tempering my idea of moving closer to him to be connected to the family. (David, if you read this don't roll up your eyes in exasperation)
Have answered all my e-mails, returned my calls and will begin a new essay. I left a message for my friend Lynda to return my call. Maybe we'll connect later today.
Ciao for now.

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