Friday, January 4, 2008

Advice on a Rainy Day

Got up and out early enough this morning to avoid the rain before I so enjoyed my delicious cup of coffee and fresh apricot Panatone with butter. Mm. Good. Especially the piping hot coffee on a cool and rainy morning.
Read one section of the Wall Street Journal as I received a few calls from my buddies.
One was an invite for a martini tonight which I turned down because of previous plans. The other call was a cancellation of dinner because of an M-Tribee's hubby flu. Got another call asking me to take a drive to Vegas to see the electronics show. Not being an electronic geek and with the few advanced toys I have that take up more than enough time, I said no - to my buddy's dismay.
I think FatBoy just wanted a driving partner to Vegas as a distraction to our unexpected pause in life. I was feeling too comfortable around town and wasn't interested in spending several hours on the road driving through the winter desert winds to see what new gadgets I'll never buy.
Yes if you're thinking there are other exciting things to do in Vegas you're right. But I've been there so many times I would rather take a week off and head to Paris for a croissant coffee and brie.
Well the rain is trickling down at a slow but steady pace now and I'll soon be off to be with my M-Tribe later this afternoon for a quick get together.
Oh, my advice is to stay warm, dry and cozy.

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