Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bad Reichenhall

Bad Reichenhall was my place of birth located near the German Austrian Border . It looked like this. The American soldiers and Germany people were good to us at this famous displaced persons camp. After we dispersed keeping in touch was trying. I thought this would be a good contrast for the last two day of neat experience with cool people of all walks of life.

Friday I met with my M-Tribe as well as Saturday. Saw some new and old friendly faces, listened to their tall tales, imbibed while listening to the tired old ego driven stories. Yet they were all cool. We all had fun. I most definitely look forward to these events. They keep me inspirited and level my center with a plumb.

Robin and Dan's home is always a pleasure to visit. Typically beautiful Spanish architecture in the midst of a culturally changing neighborhood. It was the best gathering I attended in long while and I hope I get invited back. I'll bring better wine next time. Let's see actors, artists, teachers, shrinks writers and social reformers abound. Plus food delicacies, authentic tea for the foreigners and sweet fruity wine that would  you wince.

Michael wanted to leave a bit earlier since I drove him. So we did. Nice end to an unexpectedly cool cocktail dessert party. Thanks

Ciao for now.


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