Monday, August 3, 2009


My daughter returned my e-mail this morning more swiftly than ever before. I was both taken aback and joyful at the same time as I don't hear from her too often. She mentioned she was as busy as ever but took the time out to let me know. Crumbs are better than nothing.
Sometimes it takes an unexpected event that pushes you off kilter to get you back on track.
Last week I was way off - a least a mile - wondering how I got myself into this unlikely predicament. I accepted a position for which I was not qualified and located in a bustling city a few thousand miles away. What was I thinking? Desperation I suppose. I regretfully declined but have been mulling over my decision's ramifications ever since including several sleepless nights.
The country is where I'd like make call my next zip code, not the concrete jungle. Sometimes a good slap in the face is what we need to wake up to what we really need rather than think we desire. I feel a bit sad to have realized this so late in the game. My goodness.

I have a secret place near a local airport that is quiet, calming and aplomb with beautiful vistas. I sometimes sit there, watching the small planes land and take off. It's beautiful. I like to use this metaphor for my new life of landing and taking off when it's the right time. But that is question.


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