Friday, August 14, 2009


In my three score years living in Los Angeles I've never seen such an unruly exodus from this once paradise playground to the glamland icon. All ages, races, religions, genders and those of unknown origin are fleeing the iconic laden tinseltown in such large numbers that for the fist time in CA history more Californians are leaving than moving in the Golden State.

Its upsetting and ironic in that I first saw this exodus coming a long long time ago like a runaway freight train and am now the last one standing. Last in line. So, I feel the loss of friends, neighbors, and acquaintances and chastising myself for not joining the bandwagon early enough.

The cState is broke, the taxes are outrageous and the once plentiful services are diminishing at a rapid rate that is more noticeable than Al Gore's slowly boiling frog. Its so time to move on but I have cold feet that need to held to the fire so I can get moving again.

I'm still in motion but need to act quickly enough to flee this Sodom and Gomorrah before I turn to stone.

I'm dancing as fast as I can but where is my next stop?

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