Saturday, December 8, 2007

Pull the Plug

Today its cool, cloudy and murky. The kind of weather I enjoy as a respite from the myriad of sunny days. To some this may sound as if I'm a bit off kilter shunning sunny weather in the heart of winter. Well I am and I do. The reasons I'm no longer a fan of the sun these days are too many and very boring to detail in today's journal.

Cool murky days also make me feel melancholy so I'll share something a little bit intimate and personal but not too deep. I've had a good run here in Los Angeles over the nearly three decades I've tooled around this cool town. But I've overstayed my welcome and its time to move on with my new life. 

A major decision I'm married to is to move to a new environment far away from this once  glitzy paradise which quietly crept up to become a concrete jungle resembling other cities many of us left.  

My search is for a quieter, smaller, gentler less congested town I can call my own, find my tribe, start anew and thrive. Ah, isn't that a dream many of us have. I wish this were a unique wish but I guess I'm more ordinary than I'd like to think I am.

Well, I now have the time and inclination to pull the plug and move on but not yet the courage. I'm trying to muster up enough gumption to act and its not as easy as it seems.

As a web surfer I've conducted all the research I need to to make my decision. I've narrowed the locations down to three interesting places - all for different reasons. At this point I just need encouragement. So if yo have any please let me know.

Bye for now.

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